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YouTube has overtaken Hollywood.   This crop of Jon Stewarts, and Ari Emanuel’s didn’t rise to prominence through ruthless boardroom tactics, climbing the corporate ladder, or auditioning for a breakout role. They built an audience from their bedrooms using YouTube to broadcast themselves to the world. With one billion unique monthly users, six billion hours of video watched each month, and over 100 hours worth of video uploaded each minute YouTube has captured the attention of an entire generation, becoming the single most popular site among youth today.

YouTuber, Charles Trippy and his unsigned band, We The Kings, knocked Beyonce off her #1 spot on iTunes two days after her most recent album dropped.

Odds are you’re not aware of the impact these YouTubers are having if you’re over the age of 25, but that doesn’t mean its not there. They’re building media empires, clothing and fashion lines, and their doing it with the audiences they alone can wield. I don’t believe YouTube is the future of media. I believe it’s already arrived.