I absolutely love Game of Thrones and I assume everyone else watches it because I love it and I talk to a lot of my friends about it. In fact, I’m always shocked when someone doesn’t watch it.

How is it humanly possible you do not watch Game of Thrones? That doesn’t compute for me.

The reality is, we as advertisers often behave the same way – it’s cognitive dissonance at its finest. The brief says ‘I want to target millennials’ and the outcome is often a TV commercial with an expensive celebrity endorsement. However, celebrities and TV don’t hold the cache and influence they once did.

YouTube is churning out its own celebrities. These popular YouTubers heavily influence the decisions of younger consumers AND they have audience numbers that rival the likes of the biggest TV shows on television.

In fact 10 individual YouTubers generate more views in a given week than the Season Premiere of Game of Thrones, Season 4 (which is the second most viewed HBO show ever). The impact Game of Thrones has on me is the same that YouTube stars Toby Turner, BFvsGF, and countless others are having on younger consumers each day. Powerful stuff.

Game of Thrones vs YouTubers

Thanks to Sarah and Josh for the help with this infographic and the Betabeat post

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