I attended the latest Vidcon this past July (if you’re interested in reading my key takeaways on the matter you can read my Mashable post here).

I was fortunate enough to do a panel on influencer marketing with Zach King, as well as give a seminar on one of my favorite topics – the Hero, Hub, Help content strategy. Below is a video of the Hero, Hub, Help talk (thanks so much to Franklin Graves for filming!).

In it I discuss the basics of the hero, hub, help content strategy (which you can read about in previous posts of mine – here, here, and here) as well as why it works and how it can be applied to social platforms beyond just YouTube.

Below is the full description of the talk and link to it on the Vidcon website. I’ve been writing a bit more lately and should have more posts coming soon!


Hero, Hub, Help: Content Strategy for Brands

“Let’s make a viral video!” is not a strategy. Cultivating a community for ongoing conversation is the real key to the success of brands online. YouTube has developed and evangelized the Hero, Hub, Help content strategy for their own platform, but the framework can (and should) be adopted across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond. In this talk Brendan Gahan will show how brands like Nike and GoPro use Hero, Hub, Help to grow their own social media footprint and explain the strategy’s underlying principles, so that others can apply it effectively across platforms.