I was recently interviewed by Jennifer Rooney at Forbes. Below are a few highlights, key points that I think are particularly relevant regarding online video and the future of social media marketing in general.

Explain the tenets of using video wisely.

Two things: One is, community is key. The behavior on YouTube is very active vs. passive viewing. It’s a massive social network so you have to tap into an audience even before your video goes live. You can’t just post and pray. You need people to interact with and evangelize on your behalf.

Community is king; content is not king, at least not in the sense that it once was.

Second, candy with the medicine, you really have to create something that’s compelling to consumers, whether that’s entertainment or information or an experience. There’s a reason some videos do well– you’re providing value. Identify what’s going to resonate with the consumer and lead with that.

Explain what you’ll be doing now at Fullscreen.

There’s this transition in marketing to the always-on approach, and you see this evolution—with Twitter and Facebook FB, people are sharing images and commenting. You see that happening with video, with individuals, but brands are going to catch up as well. Subscribe is the new like. There’s this huge community within YouTube. More and more marketers are going to try and grow their community within YouTube and tap into the ones that are already there. It’s the evolution of social media marketing.