Hero, Hub, Hygiene – Content Strategy For Brands on YouTube [Infographic]

hero, hub, hygiene

Hero, hub, hygiene is the content framework that YouTube is communicating to brands and encouraging them to adopt. The idea makes sense and adopts a lot of the practices successful YouTubers have implemented to build audiences. I’ve created an infographic to distill the strategy in a way that’s easy to understand. Click ‘continue reading’ to view!

[Bonus: Click here to download my analysis of how one brand channel grew from 0 to 400,000 subscribers implementing this strategy.]

Hero, Hub, Hygiene - YouTube Strategy For Brands [Infographic]
Courtesy of: BrendanGahan.com

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  • BCooperRowe

    Dude – epic article. YouTube’s perspective on viral videos – they like them when they happen and theyll rank them highly , but they would rather be in business with someone who has repeatable success, rather than just getting lucky. Sustainable business is better business.

    • Brendan

      Thanks dude!

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  • Don

    Very useful. thanks for sharing!

    • Brendan

      Thanks Don!

  • Ces Massardo

    Awesome, I love your page already (after 20 min). Keep posting! Also, if you need any helps on LATAM studies, let me know 🙂

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  • Ted Bigham

    Basically it comes to national brands being authentic and caring about how their customers talk and engage with their brand. Youtube LTS for brands should be to start as early as possible and find the niche that their customers respond well to. By diversifying their market strategies using Hero, Hub, Hygiene they can dip their toe in the water to what customers will respond to. This means putting a wide net out there starting with what they are comfortable with (their major brand placements/commercials) and then crafting more customer-focused content through Youtube and cross promoting to other media/social outlets.

    Has the name changed to Hero, Hub, Help? I was confused by this

    • BrendanGahan

      Yeah. YouTube changed it after the first year to hero, hub, help. I agree, it is kind of confusing. I’m not sure why they made the change (but I think it was a smart one). Help makes more sense than hygiene. Thanks for the comment Ted!