Letter From 2013

A friend forwarded an email I’d sent him in response to some questions and a conversation he and I had about the MCN business from a year or so ago. His fwd was sparked by the¬†Disney/Maker acquisition. Interesting reading it now knowing what’s happened already. I got a few things right–

MCN Thoughts

Looks like I got the big media company part right with the Disney/Maker deal. We’ve already seen additional consolidation with Awesomeness’ purchase of BigFrame.¬†Today feels a lot like 2012, when SalesForce’s acquisition of BuddyMedia created a domino effect of ‘me too acquisitions’ leading Google to acquire Wildfire (which they recently began shutting down), as well as the acquisition of involver, and a handful of other Facebook app companies.
I’m obviously still bullish on the space, but think that the mid – large creators are more nimble and are ultimately the ones that are most likely to benefit in the long term.MCN Thoughts