Late last year, NewMediaRockstars made waves with their coverage of an exchange Maker Studios had with a potential advertiser, the advertiser had $30k for influencer brand deals and Maker responded stating they didn’t do deals under $200k. Many creators were outraged by this information, and a reporter for NMR went so far as to say…

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MCN Acquisition Roundup [Infographic]

2014 was a big year for the MCN space. Maker was acquired and this kicked off a domino effect of sales and acquisitions. Long established companies such as ATT, Disney, and Dreamworks to jumped into the fray plucking up a number of MCN’s. To help consolidate all this information I put together an infographic of…

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Limbic Resonance – The Science Behind The Success of YouTubers


I’ve seen it time and time again with the campaigns I’ve worked on. YouTubers crash websites with a single mention, drive tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of fans to visit a website, like a facebook page, submit content, or appear in droves to events at the simple mention of a specific time…

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Are YouTube Gadgets Worth the Investment for Brands (Infographic)

Shares, comments, and subscribers are among the biggest indicators of success on a channel. However, one thing many brands adopt which impedes these indicators of success are the addition of Gadgets to a brand’s channel. I always assumed that Gadgets would have an adverse effect on engagement because they create an unfamiliar environment for a viewer….

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Growing Brand Communities On YouTube

I recently did a presentation at ReelSummit on how brands grow their channels. I tried to address the questions that I frequently struggle to answer for my own clients. As a brand why should we develop our own YouTube channel? What should we do to grow? Why aren’t we growing subscribers? WHY YOUTUBE MATTERS It’s the largest…

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Campbell’s Law and the YouTube View

A few months back, I was hanging out with some industry friends. We were geeking out over ad campaigns, marketing organizations and tactics and one of them brought up Campbell’s Law, a term that I’d never heard before but have been unable to forget ever since. Campbell’s Law is a concept that Donald T. Campbell,…

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Game of Thrones VS YouTubers [Infographic]

I absolutely love Game of Thrones and I assume everyone else watches it because I love it and I talk to a lot of my friends about it. In fact, I’m always shocked when someone doesn’t watch it. How is it humanly possible you do not watch Game of Thrones? That doesn’t compute for me….

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Hero, Hub, Hygiene – YouTube Strategy for Brands (w/ Gillette Case Study)

hero hub hygiene

Today, successful brands understand that they need to create consistent, engaging content – hitting regular singles and doubles vs the “grand slam” that a viral video may or may not provide. It’s the adoption of this “always on” strategy that is successfully growing communities and generating earned viewership on YouTube. Over the last year, YouTube…

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Hero, Hub, Hygiene – Content Strategy For Brands on YouTube [Infographic]

hero, hub, hygiene

Hero, hub, hygiene is the content framework that YouTube is communicating to brands and encouraging them to adopt. The idea makes sense and adopts a lot of the practices successful YouTubers have implemented to build audiences. I’ve created an infographic to distill the strategy in a way that’s easy to understand. Click ‘continue reading’ to…

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Digital and Offline – Human Psychology Works The Same

It’s easy to get caught up in the next platform, content format, and piece of technology. Oftentimes these platforms create a lot of distractions and its difficult to separate the signal from the noise. However, people are all really the same.  The biggest challenge is zeroing in on these fundamental principals and understanding out to…

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