I’ll Be At TNW Europe

TNW Europe Conference _14

I’m excited to share the fact that I’m going to be speaking at The Next Web Europe Conference 2014, in Amsterdam. I’m pumped to be in the mix with an all-star lineup that includes the likes of Kevin Rose, Brian Solis, and Dale Stephens. You can read about my talk here. Overall, I’ll be sharing…

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Letter From 2013

A friend recently forwarded an email I’d sent him in response to some questions and a conversation he and I had about the MCN business from a year or so ago. After the Disney/Maker acquisition he forwarded it to me. Interesting reading it now knowing what’s happened already– Looks like I got the big media…

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How to Make Bank as a YouTube Creator: Diversify Your Portfolio

To make a living on YouTube, a creator needs to work hard. In a recent Betabeat post, I explained how YouTube divvies up revenue in its user-partner program: reportedly, YouTube splits ad revenue 45/55 with the partner, in the partner’s favor. If the partner is affiliated with a MultiChannel Network (MCN), the MCN will also…

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Front Seat At The White House

Back in December, I was fortunate enough to be invited to The White House Youth Summit, which was “made of up 160 of this country’s finest national and local leaders aged 18-35.” It was a pretty incredible experience. Obama came and spoke to the group (check out the video below), and I got to speak with…

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Yahoo Considers a YouTube Knock-Off…Sort Of

Re/Code reported yesterday that Yahoo is considering a plan to woo away top YouTube talent to help ramp up the company’s web video presence. However, Yahoo isn’t planning to let users upload video to their platform, which makes the comparison to YouTube rather baffling — it’s the openness of the platform that puts the “you”…

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Brands and YouTube

Check out Brendan’s latest Betabeat post, in which he examines how brands like Dove fail to capitalize on the social networking aspects of YouTube. We’re wondering why so many brands use YouTube as a dumping ground for video content, failing to engage with or built community on the platform — instead putting their focus on…

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YouTube Is Overtaking Traditional Media

Check out my Betabeat post on this topic. YouTube has overtaken Hollywood.   This crop of Jon Stewarts, and Ari Emanuel’s didn’t rise to prominence through ruthless boardroom tactics, climbing the corporate ladder, or auditioning for a breakout role. They built an audience from their bedrooms using YouTube to broadcast themselves to the world. With…

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YouTube Marketing


I’ve been working in the YouTube space since 2006 and get asked about the platform a great deal. YouTube is an amazing marketing tool – a hybrid social network/search engine/content host. However, it changes constantly, so I’ve gathered a list of my favorites resources here. You can also get email updates with the latest tools…

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Gawker & Kinja: The Intersection of Tech & Content Creation

gawker-book.jpg 382×500 pixels

The media landscape is changing. It’s something we’re hearing all the time. However, it’s unique to the last few years, and the internet in general, that so many industries are merging and becoming ‘vertically integrated’ (feel as if I’m channeling my inner Jack Donaghy as I write that). Platforms are become media companies and vice…

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Forbes CMO Network SXSW Excursion

While in Austin, I was fortunate enough to meet with CMOs from Emerson, Neiman Marcus, Polycom and others to discuss the future of advertising–and the technologies that are shaping it. The event was hosted by Forbes and the discussion focused primarily on how to keep current with new technologies and how CMO’s should allocate budgets…

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